Friday, December 15, 2006

Children offer more than cheap labor

1up posted another EGM article where the EGM staff made children around the age of 11 play video games from the 16-bit era and earlier so that everyone can enjoy the cultural disconnect and infantile snobbery children have towards things that gamers my age and older enjoyed when we were around their age. It's amazing how you can gage the personalities of these little miscreants just from their flippant comments (one of them is and will continue to be a gigantic douche), but sometimes they offered little pearls of wisdom. This is my favorite:
Rachel: I really like this game, because I can do all these things that are so against what I'd ever do in reality...

Garret: That's the whole point of videogames.

How is it children are able to figure out something that has baffled politicians and confounded society's moral leaders? To answer my own question, probably because children are smarter.

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