Monday, December 4, 2006

Demo-listen, man!

One thing Nintendo has lacked in the past is a widespread ability to sample games via demos. Well, with the Wii, Nintendo is changing this. According to the German language Cynamite website, "jetzt ist es offiziell: Neben Virtual-Console-Spielen werden Wii-Fans mit Internetzugang auch Demoversionen von Wii-Titeln herunterladen k├Ânnen." Ist wunderbar!

What's that, you don't speak German? Well, roughly translated, what the article says is that Wii owners can download demos onto either the internal or external memory, so long as you can actually download stuff (in other words, an Internet connection is required, preferably not Verizon DSL as that drifts in and out like an alcoholic on painkillers).

The first round of demo titles shall be announced soon, or at the very least, you'll know what they are when they become available to download.

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