Sunday, December 3, 2006

I will wait here for my Wii tonight, it's easy when you're big in Japan

In a move to mimic the style of Western gamers, video game fans in Japan have also been buying Nintendo's newest console, causing the Wii to be sold out in stores across the island nation. According to Masaki Kondo of Bloomberg News, Nintendo expects to sell four million Wiis across the globe by the end of the year, twice as many as Sony expects to sell.

"Unlike Sony, Nintendo has enough production capacity," said Etsuko Tamura, an analyst at Mizuho Investors Securities in Tokyo. "The company can achieve its sales target of six million in the year through March 2007," so long as it believes in the power of love and solid marketing.

In other news, Nintendo will release four Virtual Console games every Monday, according to Gaming (Naughty) Bits. The first foursome is due on the fourth of this month, with Donkey Kong Jr. of the NES ($5), Victory Run of the legendary TurboGrafx16 ($6), Columns of the Sega Genesis ($8), and Ristar of the Sega Genesis ($8). It's a good thing those games are available digitally, because they would surely be sold out otherwise!

Chris V: Victory Run? Also, I bought Sega's Smash Pack for the Dreamcast for less than $8, and it came with Columns along with 11 other games. Color me underwhelmed.

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