Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sinterklaas is coming!

Sinterklaas brings toys and jellied fruit
To all the middle class boys and girls
On Christmas day those children astute
Will find candies with peppermint swirls

Sinterklaas travels by sleigh at night
He sets forth at the midnight hour
If you dare try to oppose his might
He will destroy you with his mind power

Sinterklaas is infused with cybernetic parts
He can see on infrared frequencies
After Christmas Sinterklass departs
To his arctic lair run by gypsies

Sinterklaas is coming on this very eve
So pray to your God that you behaved
For if so, presents you shall receive
If not, then your life cannot be saved

Sinterklaas feasts on the souls of wicked
Children which sustain his immortality
Hope you were good as you go to bed
Or your only gift will be fatality

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