Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Catholic Church: Enron with molestation

The church is always begging for money, but you may want to think twice before dropping that dollar bill in the collection basket:
A new study by Villanova University has found that 85 percent of Roman Catholic dioceses have discovered embezzlement in the last 5 years with 11 percent having been embezzled out of more than a half million dollars each.

So begins David O'Reilly in his article "Study finds embezzlement to be common in dioceses," published January 3, 2007 on page 1A in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

In a time when we are lectured on morality, it's nice to see Catholics find the time to steal from each other in between sessions of fondling underdeveloped cocks and balls. Meanwhile, dioceses are being forced to close down private schools due to lack of funding, but the Pope gets to take a shit on a solid gold toilet, after which his buttocks is wiped clean with silk and he washes his hands with the tears of a Snow Leopard.

Oh, well, so long as the state doesn't issue marriage certificates to gays, everything is okay!

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Jarn_the_Defender said...

The Pope gets to shit on a solid gold toilet because he has the power to rend you impotent and pox-riddled. God knows how to treat His Dawgs. Step to Da Holyness and you'll get Vat-a-tat-tat-i-canned.