Monday, January 8, 2007

Die Eagles, diiieee, on the road to misery

The Giants lost to the Eagles on a field goal with time expiring in the 4th quarter. I'm not sure which team played worse, except, well, obviously the Giants played worse because they lost. So, I am sure. Also, any team that keeps starting at the 50 yard line and can't score is stupidly bad.

Fortunately, I fully expect the Eagles to lose to a New Orleans team that looks pretty good right now. Although the Saints' wins came against crummy teams, the one exception was a defeat over the Eagles in Week 6 (they also beat Dallas and the Giants, but by then those teams were spiraling down). A lot has changed for the Eagles since then, but hopefully they will lose regardless. Go Saints.

As for the Giants, I'm not sure what's in store for next season. More inconsistent Eli Manning? Brandon Jacobs as our running back? An ancient Michael Strahan? Ah, well, I'll worry about it in August. Right now, the Rangers are contending for a playoff spot, and the Knicks...well, they play basketball. Surprisingly, they're only one game back of first place despite having a .417 win percentage. The Atlantic Division blows. At least the Knicks have been entertaining sometimes, winning a few overtime thrillers:

Nov 1: 118-117 over Memphis (triple OT)
Dec 18: 97-96 over Utah
Dec 20: 111-109 over Charlotte (double OT)
Dec 27: 151-145 over Detroit (double OT)

Granted, Memphis and Charlotte are actually worse than the Knicks, but Utah and Detroit are good teams. That's the Knicks in a nutshell - inconsistent.

The Rangers are second in their division and tied for fifth in the conference in points, and considering there are 8 playoff seeds, they should make the postseason so long as they maintain their current level of play. Lundqvist has had some poor moments, but overall he has shown a considerable ability to win games for the Rangers, or at the very least keep them in tough contests. That's more than the Flyers can say about their own youthful goalie, Niittymaki, who has been less than stellar despite his own quality rookie season last year.

When Lundqvist and Sweden beat Niittymaki and Finland in the championship game of the Olympics last year, it looked like both kids were on their way to dominating the NHL. Although Niittymaki is doing worse this year, Lundqvist has taken a bigger drop. Lundqvist went from a 2.24 GAA to a 2.90 GAA and a .922 S% to a .901 S%, whereas Niittymaki only went from 2.97 to 3.28 GAA and has maintained his .895 S%. Part of Lundqvist's success can be attributed to a superior team supporting him, but you'd also have to imagine that his better numbers last season would indicate he has a greater chance at surpassing Niittymaki this year. We shall see...

...Presuming the NHL stops being a bunch of clowns and makes more hockey games available on non-premium channels. The NHL has no fans, so obviously it makes sense to make the majority of games only available if you subscribe to the hockey package. That's the best way to increase interest in the league. Rangers games are blacked out on MSG, but I'm curious to see if they're also blacked out on the Versus network, which is some obscure channel (in the vein of ESPU). If not, I'm stuck watching Rangers games once a month on NBC, or watching Rangers highlights on MSG (presuming those aren't blacked out). Bastards.

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Jarn_the_Defender said...

New Orleans is a scary team. They are the best scoring team in the NFC with a middle-to-somewhat-shakey defensive unit. Drew Brees is a Fantasy God, even when Marques "Yahoo Fantasy Football Thinks I'm a TE" Colston out. If Philly can get Brees out of rhythm, or if New Orleans looks like they're still taking the Bye Week to rest by the second quarter, Philly could end up in the Championship game.

Also, did you talk about hockey in your post? I mean, I started reading it and then suddenly fell asleep. Here, let me scan back... zzzzzzzzzzz