Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Franz Lidz, SI, interviews Kei Igawa

Congratulations to Franz Lidz for writing one of the most boring and uninformative interviews I've ever read about an athlete.

Just so you don't have to waste your time, I cut out the most interesting parts, which were all on the last page.
SI: What do you like most about New York City?
Igawa: The energy. People are filled with pride.

SI: And dislike?
Igawa: No manners in driving. Lots of horns.

* * *

SI: What kind of hitters give you the most trouble?
Igawa: Fast-running singles hitters. They make me throw a lot of pitches.

SI: What kind do you most like to face?
Igawa: Free-swinging power hitters.

* * *

SI: Do you have a secret ambition?
Igawa: That's secret.

If you want to read the full piece, it's here, but you'll have to see such amazing questions as "[Who is] your favorite historic figure?"

In other Igawa news, GM Brian Cashman said that the team expects Igawa to "solidify the back of the rotation," and observes that "the fact that he took the time today to learn a bit of English -- I think that was just a small indicator of the work ethic that he possesses as he tries to transition over here." I hope so.

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Fred Vincy said...

What a great interview! The secret ambition and feudal ruler had me rolling....