Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I wanna be a New York Ranger

I wanna live a life of danger! (and downloading free Misfits songs!)

On Boston Legal last night, the character of Claire Simms, played by actor Constance Zimmer, a known Yankees fan, went to a costume party dressed as a New York Ranger. Also in the show, it was revealed that she is dating Clarence Bell, played by actor Gary Anthony Williams. An attractive young woman making a lot of money dating an obese man with severe psychological issues? That's how you know TV is fantasy.

I had a chance to watch the Rangers play the Bruins on VS (pronounced "versus"), a channel that shows...athletic and other forms of competition. Perhaps such a channel is not needed (the same goes for ESPNU), but if it lets me watch hockey without paying extra, I support it.

A little over a week ago I decided whatever team in the Atlantic finishes at .500 would win the division. I also decided the Knicks would not be able to reach that plateu. Despite the win against the Lakers last night (minus Kobe Bryant, it should be noted), I still do not think they can do it. They would have to play 7 games above .500 just to finish with a 41-41 record. This team? Even without injuries, I doubt they can do it. They're welcome to prove me wrong, of course.

In closing, the MSG network shows two programs, Knicks in 60 and Rangers in 60, highlighting the last game the team played in an hour long program. The former is blacked out, the latter is not. Why? Stupid television service providers.

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