Saturday, January 27, 2007

Judge not a record by its cover

I've been investigating some different metal groups of yesterday and today (but not tomorrow), and I came across this band:

My immediate impression was that they were a homosexual group. The album was released in 1984, so when I saw the purple logo, short hair, and leather outfits, I made a snap judgment. I actually really wanted to hear an openly gay metal band, but a quick look at the album title and another glance at the logo, and it's quite obvious they're a Christian metal band.

So what's with the hair and the fact they look older and pudgier than the typical 20-something year olds normally in bands in 1984? Well, it's because they did the same thing Twisted Sister did when that group re-recorded 1984's Stay Hungry as Still Hungry in 2004. Yes, Saint, a band few people know, decided to rerecord their album...also in 2004. I presume it has something to do with record label politics.

I am interested in niche bands. I have managed to find some early black metal groups, including Black Death.

Black metal as in skin color, not the subgenre.

For the record, Black Death sounded like Grim Reaper, and Saint (back then) sounded like...Sword, which won't help the layperson. I've seen Saint compared to Priest and Maiden, but I don't think they are quite that style, although they were definitely in the traditional heavy metal arena.

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