Monday, January 15, 2007

Kei Igawa comments on his upcoming experience

A quote from his website with translation via Babelfish:
It is joining an organization interview, but you thought that, from before it will make speech in English. From now on it is the case that you play in America because there was the thinking that and, you would like to convey your own feeling in word of the locale, is. Before the visiting America you thought of contents, that to English had converting to the staff, in the airplane which faces to New York, a little just you practiced. If it is possible and how that (laughing), in just the enthusiasm which challenges to English should have been transmitted to everyone of the American fan, you think that is.

In interview, it passed through the sleeve to the uniform of the pin stripe of ヤンキース which is tradition. But, reality does not boil yet, is honest feeling. Without being the case that you play, if the sushi, from this gradually, it can keep becoming one member of the team, with you think. Simply, game starts more and more, you say that is, it became the pleasant feeling where it will be exciting. From now on to camp in 1 month or less, adjusting securely with independent トレ, we would like to flow together to the team, is.

At least eight years and Babelfish still can't translate worth shit.

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