Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Make me the commissioner of the NHL

The NHL is looking to realign the divisions, and we've been brainstorming over how we would change it. I came up with the following. In order for it to work, Phoenix has to go back to Winnipeg, where it belongs. Now, I tried to keep rivals intact where possible, but geography was my most important goal.

Eastern Conference

Norlantic: Boston, New Jersey, N.Y. Rangers, N.Y. Islanders, Philadelphia

Ameradian: Buffalo, Montreal, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Toronto

Humidotron: Atlanta, Carolina, Florida, Tampa Bay, Washington

Western Conference

Midwestic: Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Nashville, St. Louis

Canarica: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Minnesota, Phoennipeg

Sandbelt: Anaheim, Colorado, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Jose

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