Monday, January 1, 2007

Snacks on a plate

Time Magazine named their 2006 Person of the Year as "You," in regards to the idea that people are using the Internet via blogs, YouTube, MySpace, et al to disseminate information (softcore porn), new ideas (lesbian porn), and free entertainment (cartoon porn). You may recall the massive hype regarding Snakes on a Plane, a movie about, well, snakes set loose on a commercial airliner. Due to folks who had never seen the film raving about the concept on blogs and forums, people making parody videos and animation, and even musicians crafting tribute songs, the word of mouth generated was immense, so much so that the cast and crew even went back to make small alterations to appeal to these newfound and unexpected fans.

Despite all of this, the movie bombed. Regardless of "You" generating a heretofore unseen amount of positive press based on nothing but Internet works, "You" were no more successful in making people see the film than traditional forms of marketing.

It's wonderful that the editors of Time Magazine have discovered the Internet, but it's not really that big of a deal. The only idea of note about the "YouTube" revolution is that, like sporting events and reality television, corporations can make money with little effort on their own part. If that's worth celebrating, well then, go for it. Me, I would have said Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Bush or Kim had a bigger impact on world events. Then again, I'm not paid to run a famous magazine, although I do write on this blog. I guess that makes me Person of the Year.

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