Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This isn't right

Earlier today I saw a quick blurb scroll on the bottom of the television that some midwestern state (Iowa, Idaho, Nebraska?) was looking to ban porn in libraries or schools. I wanted to read up on this, as it raises some free speech issues as well as the idea that this should already be banned under public indecency. So I did a search on Yahoo's news site and was bombarded with the following headlines:

Paedophile built 'super computer' to store massive stash of child porn
Former UNLV professor headed to trial on child porn charges
Shamokin man admits using child porn
Former Church Organist Faces Porn Charges
Racinian sentenced in child porn case
Google porn earns jail term

And just in case you think the human race is only full of pedophiles...

Florida man rapes, tortures wife to film porn video, police say

What the hell is wrong with the world?

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