Friday, February 2, 2007

An additional thought on the near Boston Massacre 2K7

I do not believe it is correct to criticize the bomb squad wrong for doing its job, although if you see some photographs or video, the Mooninite art is being taken down by guys on ladder. Hardly bomb squad protocol for potentially dangerous devices. However, the people shitting their pants over low-level art and guerrilla advertising are overreacting. It's like the people suing Sasha Baron Cohen (a.k.a. Borat), except Turner and these so-called artists didn't trick anyone, it was the Boston public officials who made themselves look like fools.

This is quite similar to other incidents in which people tried to display their craft in public and were shut down because of "terrorism" threats. Take this, for example:
Five teenage girls in Ohio are in big trouble after playing a little Super Mario Bros themed prank. The girls found instructions on the net of how to create real life Mario question blocks and created 17 of them and placed them around their town. Over-excitable members of the community reported the blocks and the Bomb Unit was brought in to deal with the potential threats.

Those are the same blocks shown over at Dinosaur Comics' Ryan North's website.

This is what we've come down to. Anything (or anyone) out of the ordinary slightly jostles our pretty little world, and we have to bring down the hammer on them. If some kid throws his old sneakers over electrical wire, do we need to shut down half the city? Is the guy in the chicken suit outside of Chick Fil-A going to Guantanamo? Does the nerd carrying around a TI-85 need to be detained to determine if he was using a calculator or a detonation device?

Real questions in the United States of Hysteria.

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