Friday, February 2, 2007

Chris V in Space

I think the last time I or my family subscribed to HBO was in 1985 (sorry, Six Feet Under fans), but/so the above opening is very firmly planted in my brain as cool. I consider it one of those great things about the 80s.

Originally created in 1983, "HBO Feature Presentation" (nicknamed "HBO in Space" or "Starship HBO") began with a family watching cable television, then backing out of the window and zooming through a working model of a city street and finally flying into space. The score was composed by Ferdinand J. Smith. The full opening is here:

One site claims the HBO logo is high tech CGI, but another claims it was actually a real metal logo. The latter story fits in with the overall presentation, as the city is obviously not CGI, and the comets/rainbow look more like hand animation than computers.

Anyway, if you ever watched HBO in the 80s, this is familiar to you.

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