Monday, April 23, 2007

Canada + 1990s = Bad Music

Exhibit #39 - Tal Bachman's "She's So High" (which Sony BMG won't let people embed). The song is about a guy with no balls that is obsessed with a girl. The girl in the video walks around with a big stick, steals balloons from a frightening looking clown, then jumps off a telephone wire and into a cup of water. She's one of those crazy girls that is wild, fun and carefree, the kind every guy wants until he has to deal with her for a few weeks.

Of course, by jumping off the wire, the girl was probably trying to kill herself after realizing what the hell she had done. You don't fuck with clowns:
whan i was encarcarated there was a chainfenced pen fulla clowns. theyd be in there hoalin an barkin an weepin all hours of teh day an night. bashin against teh fence an snapin their dripin fangs. sometiams theyd be quiet an youd wlak by an theyd expload inta a franzy! 'yapyapyap! harrooo!' etc. whith their gliterin swivelin clowany eyes al buged out an lungin at ya.


Jai said...

Man, I *really* want a leather aviator cap and goggles.

(also, tiny angel wings and a short skirt, but sssh)

I was briefly angered by her balloon theft, but then I saw that the clown was as creepy as fuck, and he clearly had it coming. It was good thinking on her part to hand those balloons over to the little girl before the clown laid his evil demon hex on them, sending them (plus whoever was holding them) straight into the sun.

ChrisV82 said...

Interesting to note that they never found the little girl, although some say the clown still roams the streets to this very day.