Friday, April 20, 2007

Fight violence with violence

Carol Iannone is hardcore:
I am sorry that no one had a gun to take the killer out before he could destroy more lives. He was evidently able to reload. Was there a moment when he could have been tackled? I don't say this to condemn or judge anyone, believe me, but so that we think in terms of what can be done in the future. Just as there is widespread CPR training and instruction in the Heimlich maneuver, perhaps we should have classes and training to prepare for such situations. Enough of them have happened in recent years to warrant this.

Of course it's unimaginably terrifying to be confronted with an armed lunatic but perhaps he could have been jumped and overcome while he was reloading if some students had been able to recognize and shake off the fear, panic, and paralysis that can take over at such times. We all need to learn to act, and not necessarily to rely on security and responders. We are supposed to be at war. This was not an act of terrorism but it may as well have been, for the damage it caused. We must be wartime ready.
"You try to ban the A.K.
I got ten of 'em stashed
With a case of hand grenades" - B. Count, 1992

She also adds, "And, sorry again, but thoughts also arise on the killer's being an English major and on the spiritual emptiness of much education nowadays."

Yeah, I...what?

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Jai said...

1) Fighting violence with inaction doesn't seem to be a good solution.

2) A good solution - much like a sane woman, universal solvent, ghosts, and WMDs in Iraq - is hard to find.

2.1) What the fuck is with the "2.1" DVD editions? I cannot BELIEVE Spider-Man went down that road. I am so pissed.

3) Maybe the killer had such ease in killing people because they WERE running right at him to try and take him out. "Thanks for the closer target! Bang bang!" I should mention, however, that that scenario is improbable (but I'm too lazy to cite police reports or NRA stories about the innaccuracy of shooting at close range in intense situations). But possible. Who knows, he shot a shitload of people; I don't think they ALL were just sitting down or slinking away while he hosed them down with lead.

4) Bringing up the English major stuff was just stupid on her part. Although funny (because it was stupid). Not that that was the only stupid thing she said, she pretty much blanketed everything she said with a thick, downy weave of assumption and idiocy.