Sunday, April 8, 2007

God's sense of humor

Just as Jesus rose from the dead, so too does slapstick (via AP):
Cardinal Francis George fractured a hip Saturday after he slipped and fell on the marble floor of a church while blessing Easter baskets, according to an archdiocese spokesman.
Let this be a lesson to the rest of Christianity - stop being inane and moronic or God will smite all of you.


revenantive said...

i am sure the cardinal's press staff will later claim it was a 'holy banana peel' with an image of jesus that was to blame for this unfortunate incident.

i wonder if the church's insurance company will dismiss this claim as a diliberate 'act of god'

Chris V said...

You know, if I was their insurance company, I would try that.

Fortunately for the Cardinal, the Catholic Church is sitting on a lot of money. As I said back in January, "the Pope gets to take a shit on a solid gold toilet, after which his buttocks is wiped clean with silk and he washes his hands with the tears of a Snow Leopard." I'm pretty sure the Cardinal's workman's comp claim will result in a handsome reward, although he may be excommunicated. I wouldn't want to work in such a dangerous place anyway.