Thursday, April 12, 2007

In the Imus of the storm

I never listen to Imus on the radio while driving around in the morning because I don't want to fall asleep at the wheel. However, apparently he said something stupid that a lot of nappy-headed hoes found offensive. I don't have much to say about the Imus comments and the fallout, although I do have three points that I wanted to address:

1) If people are going to be censored because of what they say, then can we please get rid of everyone on the radio? It's quite horrible, to be honest. Most radio talk programs are 50% commercials, 50% nonsense. NPR is the most recognizable exception, although I've never really cared to hear paint dry on the airwaves. Let's also get rid of the media that has spent way too much time on this issue. If ever a dead horse was beaten as brutally as cable television harps on an issue, I have not seen it.

2) Oprah had the Rutgers women's team on her television show today. I wonder if she will invite the Duke men's lacrosse team that was falsely accused of rape? No? Okay, well, I appreciate double standards, too. Of course, this is the same toad that thought she was being discriminated against in Paris simply because they wouldn't let her into a store after the store closed.

3) People need to stop bringing up hip hop. Ignoring the fact that hip hop is (bad) art and talk radio is not art at all, the music cannot help itself if teenagers are more attracted to it than anything else. Hip Hop is more appealing to teens because school is boring, extracurricular activities are virtually non-existent, parents have no interest in their kids' lives, and they're stupid. If you want to get rid of racism, sexism and the appeal of racist and sexist music, then you need to change society, not the music. Music reflects society, that's it. It's art. Getting rid of a talk show host or a rap album will not change the way the world thinks and feels.


Jen!! said...

Damn right.

I can't leave comments on the Tom Jones post, but I just LOVE the "thighs glistening" bit. Hilarious.

Dude. Is Nintendorks ever coming back? I've read that "we might be back around the first of the year" message about 47 times since December. And YES, I'm harassing you with this, whether you have control over it or not. Mainly because I'm too lazy to go into the forums and harass them there.

Also, I didn't know you had a blog with blogghetto, er i mean blogger. Not that you're required to tell me everything you do, but... you are.

ChrisV82 said...

Well, thanks for bringing to my attention the issue about comments. It seems like I have managed to solve the problem, but let that be a lesson to all of us - the power of Tom Jones is too great for mere mortals to try and contain with our gadgets and wires. Well, except the second time I posted my entry.

As for the site, there's a glitch where the site will no longer accept new posts because its database is "full." We have to tear it down and put up a "new" site. The problem is, all of the people who have control over that are busy (lazy), so nothing has been done. I remind them every 3-4 weeks with a "Is the site coming back yet?," but nothing yet. Keep an eye here, where I try to post periodic updates about the status of the site.

I started this blog when the site had been down for a month, because I figured a) the site wouldn't be around forever and b) when the site did go down, had I already had this up, people could have found me (if they wanted to). My plan was that when the site came back, I'd keep off-topic stuff here, and have it strictly Nintendo and video games over there. That's still the plan, it's just taking a lot longer to implement than I expected.


Jen!! said...

Thanks for the Nintendorks update... hope those boys get back to it someday soon.

Yeah, I'll definitely keep coming back here.

Tom Jones wills it.