Friday, April 20, 2007

March 07 sales figures for video game consoles

Via Lisa Baertlein:

Sony Playstation 2 - 280,000 units
Nintendo Wii - 259,000 units
Microsoft XBox 360 - 199,000 units
Sony Playstation 3 - 130,000 units

I wonder why Sony even bothered making a new console. They could have just had developers make games for the PS2 for another five years, seeing as it doesn't seem to bother people.

Also of note: the strong Wii sales. I wonder if there are still people predicting Nintendo's doom. If the company didn't go bankrupt four years ago, Nintendo isn't going to die now, not with the Wii and DS. Nintendo really hit the nail on the head with its market disruption, and the company also gave me a chance to apply a seldom used blog label. Looking at it simply, isn't that what Nintendo was striving for (success via market disruption, not my use of blog labels)?

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