Sunday, April 8, 2007

NL Wild Card Predictions

TEAMS (solid) / WINS (elastic)

New York Mets - 90
St. Louis Cardinals - 86
Houston Astros - 85
Atlanta Braves - 84
Los Angeles Dodgers - 83

Once again, my bias against non-East Coast time zones shines through, corrupting my Wild Card predictions to favor a team on the Atlantic seaboard. Nevertheless, I think I am not overestimating the Phillies, and the NL East should be tight, with the Mets missing the division but grabbing the Wild Card. Presuming the Wild Card does not come from the East, then I think a Central team is more likely to win than the West, which means the latter need to win the division outright if they expect to make the playoffs.

To recap all of my predictions - Preview, AL East, AL Central, AL West, AL Wild Card, NL East, NL Central, NL West, and as for the NL Wild Card, you're looking at it.

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