Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Nothing else from me tonight

I'm postponing finishing my baseball previews because I am running on five or six hours sleep, the inability to do arithmetic, and a headache that's kicking in the front of my brain. It's better than being gored in the nuts, I suppose.

In other news of human sport, five fifth graders aged eleven through thirteen were discovered to have had sexual intercourse in front of their classmates while a fifth student kept watch. It would kind of make sense if they were mentally challenged, but I suspect they're just stupid. These colors don't run; they fuck. In a classroom. Unsupervised.

Anyway, if you're bored, check out Shorpy, The 100 Year Old Photo Blog and TV in Japan. There's a lot of cool pictures in Shorpy dating back from the 1940s and earlier, and if you see some vivid color photographs, those are unaltered from the originals. I'd go through and pick out my favorites, but I am not going to sit in front of this glowing monitor anymore. Take your light and shove it.

EDIT: Don't forget to read Jon Swift, my favorite Conservative blogger.

Okay, now I'm out.

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