Monday, April 30, 2007

The Nye Mets are my fave-o-ret squadron

Nameless, unloved AP reporter:
LONDON, England (AP) -- An American computer programmer who later became an FBI informant told a British court during 17 days of testimony that he ran training camps in Pakistan for Islamic militants and nurtured a generation of homegrown British terrorists.
* * *
Flanked by U.S. marshals on the witness stand, Babar -- who prosecutors said is the first FBI informant to testify in a British terror case -- described how the plot developed in the cramped mosques of suburban England and the hills of Pakistan's tribal belt.
* * *
The slightly built Yankees fan from Queens described how he mingled with radicals from the fall of 2001, when he quit a job as a computer programmer and left New York for Lahore -- saying he was radicalized by the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan.
Here I thought Red Sox fans were only writers for the New York Times and ESPN (aside from, you know, New England newspapers).

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