Monday, April 9, 2007

Some more stuff

I've become a big fan of Harry Hutton over at Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry. He's made me laugh countless times, or at least more times than I care to count. My estimate would be over 50 times but less than a thousand. Part of the appeal of the blog is that British vulgarity is much more colorful than our favored brutish curses; to call someone a "fucking moron" is harsh, but to call them a "cunting tosser" sounds almost literary. Mostly, though, he's a humorous gent.

Another new favorite of mine is Dinosaur Joe, perhaps the most erudite of all paleontologists, although he claims not to study fossils but to live amongst the dinosaurs themselves. A bit of a nutjob, I suppose, but who in academia isn't?

In other news, thanks to wireless Internet, I took a dump while browsing the Internet yesterday. Technology is astounding. The defecation was also a resounding success.

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