Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why no one likes rock critics

From Philadelphia City Paper, April 2005:
It's not easy being a follower, a sheep. People, am I right, or am I right? Back in the '90s, they said: The mainstream sucks. Indie is king. Stephen Malkmus or Scott Weiland, who do you trust?

For a hopelessly confused budding rock critic, where exactly to tread wasn't clear.
* * *
So we let lapse our interests in Pink Floyd (good idea) and The Who (bad one, since rectified) and commenced wading through the stuff we were supposed to like.
* * *
Then, slowly but surely, everything changed: Indie sucks. The mainstream is king. Yay popular pop. While some of us weren't paying attention, the zeitgeist blew right by. And all we have to show for the journey are dead-end streets, having followed bands no one noticed, gone to shows no one saw, immersed ourselves in albums no one bought.
The article is about the band Garbage. He spends 400 words talking about himself before getting to the band. Let me ask you, what kind of critic follows trends and bands just to be considered cool? A bad one. The name of the article is "Now You are Supposed To Like Garbage." No, asshole, you were always supposed to like them if you enjoyed their music.


Project WANNABE said...

What is he babbling about? He is either upset that nobody has been telling him what to listen to, or that they have been telling him, or both? What? He has his head up his ass. And anyway Garbage is good. But what's this 'now' stuff? 'Stupid Girl' was big around, when, 1996? Whatever, I'm pretty far behind the times and they aren't new to me.

What is it about critic gigs that makes some people into hysterical weirdos?

ChrisV82 said...

Yeah, honestly, I didn't even know the band was still around. I had a girlfriend* that was very big into Garbage and Smashing Pumpkins, and SP broke up a while ago, so that kind of puts Garbage into perspective of when they were actually popular.

I listen to bands and go to shows that no one's ever heard about or been to, but it's because I enjoy them. This guy seems to have no idea what he's supposed to do or how he's supposed to feel, which must be great qualities for a critic to have.

*circumstantial evidence that I'm not gay