Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Abstaining from abstinence

Timothy Noah, Slate:
ABC News and the Washington Post are reporting that Deputy Secretary of State Randall Tobias resigned April 27 after confirming to ABC News that he's on Jeane Palfrey's little list. Palfrey is a D.C. madam under prosecution who's been receiving, through her attorney, phone calls from lawyers for various prominent johns begging her not to make their clients' names public. Tobias is administrator of the State Department's foreign aid programs.
* * *
Tobias is the Bush administration's leading advocate of abstinence-only programs abroad!

Here's what Tobias told PBS' Frontline in March 2005, when he was Bush's global AIDS czar (I quote this at great length because, well, why not?):
Well, the heart of our prevention programs is what's known as ABC: abstinence, be faithful, and the correct and consistent use of condoms when appropriate.
* * *
And it's also not "ABC: Take your pick." It's abstinence really focused heavily on young people and getting them to understand that the best way to keep from getting infected is to be abstinent and not engage in sexual activity until they are old enough and mature enough and get into a committed relationship, such as a marriage. B is being faithful within that committed relationship.
I'm going to guess that most people are not shocked by this turn of events. Abstinence is a bullshit philosophy, and usually the ones promoting it are full of shit themselves. What kind of bothers me is the fact he was banging prostitutes instead of interns. Prostitution is a great idea (it's in the Bible, check it out), but the actual prostitutes are not worth sleeping with. In fact, most prostitutes I have seen are hideous, and would actually make me abstinent. Maybe it's different in the high priced call girl world of Washington politics, and maybe the prostitutes with madams are different than the hookers who pay 75% of their earnings to a pimp named Sugar Bear, but usually pretty girls just marry rich guys and cut out the middle men. Who knows what kind of beasts Tobias bagged?


Project WANNABE said...

"Who knows what kind of beasts Tobias bagged?"

lol. The Main Stream Media are trying to turn this into a political scandal when it is really an ugliness scandal. Thanks for having the courage to ask the tough questions that they are afraid of.

ChrisV82 said...

America needs to know the important issues, like how crusty were the vaginas.

Project WANNABE said...

That will all come out thirty years from now, under the Freedom of Insemination Act.

ChrisV82 said...

Hopefully it has better pictures than the Clinton report Ken Starr wrote.

Actually, I hope it doesn't have any pictures, come to think of it.