Saturday, May 19, 2007

If you have to ask, you'll never learn

From the May 20, 2007 "You Can With Beakman and Jax" section of the Sunday Comics (by Jok Church):
Dear Jax,

How do magnets work?

Pat Shaw
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dear Pat,

Magnets are one of those fabulous things that aren't fully understood.

I mean, isn't it great when people don't have all the answers to everything? It's so boring when people know everything - or think they do.

Magnets kind of prove there's something left to discover.

Jax Place
Shorter Jax: "I don't know the answer either, and I'm too lazy to look." It sounds like Jax is going by the Joe Morgan book.

While this half-assed, useless answer is pretty bad, there's also something to appreciate about it. The section is designed for children, presumably to entertain and also educate, and it really doesn't bother with the last part (at least today, the first time I've seen this piece). It's kind of like saying "the stork brings them" when a child asks where babies come from, only without even mentioning the stork. "No one knows where babies come from, and isn't that magical? No one likes a know-it-all egghead."

By the way, here's how magnets works - Ironically, even if Jax (Jok Church) couldn't figure out how to use Google, if he just typed out HOW MAGNETS WORK in his browser he could have still reached the site. Bonus points for his unbelievable laziness. I wonder if he even types, or just dictates to a secretary?

P.S. - Sorry for the hiatus.


Jai said...

You OTTER be sorry.

What the fuck? Beakman and Jax? Did you read Prince Valiant and Family Circus (comedy option, hohoho), too?!

ChrisV82 said...

I don't read Prince Valiant because it takes them 3 months to ride a horse a mile to the nearest town.

As for Family Circus, you could say I'm a fan.