Friday, June 1, 2007


If baseball's 2007 All-Star game was to represent the best performers in the sport right now, then, according to both VORP (Value Over Replacement Player) and EqA (Equivalent Average) via Baseball Prospectus, the following position players should be starters:

American League
C - J. Posada, NYY
1B - K. Youkilis, BOS
2B - B.J. Upton, TBD
3B - A. Rodriguez, NYY
SS - D. Jeter, NYY
OF - M. Ordonez, DET
OF - V. Guerrero, LAA
OF - N. Swisher, OAK

National League
C - R. Martin, LAD
1B - P. Fielder, MIL
2B - C. Utley, PHI
3B - M. Cabrera, FLA
SS - J. Reyes, NYM *
OF - M. Holliday, COL
OF - B. Bonds, SFG
OF - C. Beltran, NYM **

(Going by EqA, the following players are doing better or equal to the noted ones listed above)
*H. Ramirez, FLA
**J. Willingham, FLA, or K. Griffey, CIN

The chance of these players actually all being elected are slim. Very slim. Like the chance of me scoring a date with Scarlett Johansson and her beautiful breasts and money.

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