Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pitching television shows

She's a cold and sexy FBI agent from Georgia. He's a gruff and crude garbage man from Brooklyn. Can these two people from different walks of life work together to uncover hidden terrorist cells in New York? Tune in for...Lady and the Trash.

What happens when you put together young professionals working in the fast paced world of numbers and money? Hot sex, steamy drama, and triplicate income tax forms, all on...C.P.A. - Certified Public Accountants.

It's a world of action and athletics as the young girls of the University of Kentucky softball team strive to make the division 1 SEC championship. The girls must work together on the field while dealing with their personal lives off the field. Stolen boyfriends, underage drinking, human growth hormones, and possible lesbian undertones if you watch...Girls With Balls.

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