Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Choice

Earlier this evening, two black women came to my door. They were "two single mothers" who weren't "selling anything," but rather were only interested in "earning points" for magazine subscriptions for myself or "a needy family" (whatever happened to libraries?). Essentially, they were selling magazine subscriptions.

As I humored them, listening to their spiel, the lead woman asked me if I would rather have people take handouts or work for their money. After serious internal debate, I just humored them and said "work for it." What I really wanted to say, however, is take the handout.

For you see, whether they get a handout or I subscribe to a magazine subscription I do not want, I'm still paying. With the subscription, they earn little skills, have a pittance of necessary experience, waste my time, and interrupt my dinner, which was quite delicious. With the handout, in my ideal vision, they get my money without bothering me, but it's done in a non-emaciated Welfare to Work program where the employment opportunities are above minimum wage. The problem with the Welfare to Work progam under Clinton was that Congress reduced funding, the states never gave it any real attention, and employers didn't participate.

Anyway, long story short, I'd rather the government help to take care of its people rather than leave them out there to bother me, because quite honestly, subscribing to a magazine is about as worthless as simply handing them $15.

Presuming, of course, it wasn't simply a scam, which I wasn't going to find out.


Jai said...

I would be so pissed if I were in a "needy family" (One such as the term implies to me) and somebody bought me a magazine subscription.

Unless it was a skin rag. I'm totally in a needy family, if that was what they were selling.

ChrisV82 said...

One of the magazines I noticed was EGM, which I think you can get for free via various online promotions.

I can also get Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, etc., simply by using my credit card in Best Buy, Target, Value City, you name it.

That's the white man's secret, though, so don't share that with the others.