Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I don't get this

Emily Yoffe writes:
Hypersexualized clothing is not necessarily skimpy. Macy's sells the line by Kimora Lee Simmons, the ex of hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons, called Baby Phat. "This is gross," my [11 year old] daughter said, holding up a T-shirt. There was nothing provocative about the cut of the shirt, but embroidered in pink across the chest were the words "Baby Phat" under the large, stylized logo of a cat. My daughter doesn't understand the references this logo is clearly meant to evoke, but she instinctively knew wearing this shirt would be so wrong.

I guess the cat has some vaginal shapes in there...maybe? The cat is a pussy cat, which signifies pussy, which is slang for vagina? It's a vagina? I mean, seems like we're really stretching it here (like a vagina with a big ol' dick inside it), and how would the 11 year old know? This is why I wouldn't be a good father, I suppose, because to me that would be a perfectly acceptable shirt for a young girl to wear.

I'm sure my friends can think of other reasons why I wouldn't be a good father, such as my disdain for children.


Jai said...

I dunno. Linking "pussy", "baby [f]at", and "pink" together on a child's shirt has some pretty pedophiliac implications. Did the designer have that in MIND? I seriously doubt it, but that shirt is so retarded if it DOESN'T symbolically mean something that I would ban my adolescent daughter from wearing such a thing just because it uses the word "phat". And again, but separately, for wearing clothes with the word "baby" printed on them. Fuck designer clothing. Wearing the name of a clothing line on your clothing is not worth paying extra money for when the clothing in question is exactly the same as cheaper clothing in every other regard.

Seriously, how can someone call that shirt "hypersexualized"? Holy shit, it's a white shirt! That symbolizes her virginity! And there's kind of a cat-shaped arrow pointing down at her VAGINA AREA! Scandalous!

psychodevil said...

White: Wet T-shirt contests.

ChrisV82 said...

I guess the solution is to just wrap your child in duct tape.