Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jesus, part 1

Original drawing by Larry Van Pelt.


Jai said...

Oh, man. That site is killing me.

Ripe for captions. Ripe. Jesus has no legs, though, which is sad. And he's a bit chubby-faced... basically, I think this is the whitest and most Americanized Jesus I've ever seen. And those are some ZANY categories, for some reason. Bodybuilder. Dental Assistant. Jogger (This is where I was sad that Jesus had no legs to show him jogging along). Clown.

Decent artwork, though.

ChrisV82 said...

He doesn't really draw anything below the belt. Maybe he is not good at legs, kind of like I'm not good at drawing hands. Or maybe he's just shy about drawing Jesus' holy bits.

Well, they're not naughty bits.

The juggler is my favorite because the juggler looks like he has some kind of mental condition.