Monday, August 27, 2007

The Spy Who Came In from the Used Car Dealership

I was thinking about the guy that owned GMF Motors, "where we pay top dollar for your good running vehicle, paid for or not. I'm ready when you are." His used car commercials were huge in Las Vegas, and I was trying to find them on YouTube. Think Appliance Direct, but Nevada instead of Florida.

Instead, I found out* he is being investigated by the federal authorities because he is Iranian and spends half of every year in Iran. Oh what a tangled web we spin when we choose to be Middle Eastern.

Is he a threat to this country? Maybe, maybe not, I don't have all the facts. I just think it's a shame if he's being targeted simply because of his origin and continued connections thereof. Besides, it's not like we need a reason to distrust used car dealers. Doing otherwise would be...wakkie nu-nu!

*I'm not sure what year the story was written, but I figure it was published circa 2002. Dear KLAS, please date your articles.

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