Friday, September 14, 2007

Doctor Who, Doctor What?

You know, out of all the many bizarre and unbelievable elements in the new Doctor Who - a tunnel to the center of the earth, an ancient prison floating around a black hole, a void of nothingness between dimensions that can be inhabited, a Cyberman that cries oil, a living human face inside a slab of concrete, multiple eteceteras - the oddest thing about the new Doctor Who series is all the black people. Black people make up only 2% of the British population, and yet if one were to make a judgment based on episodes of Doctor Who, you'd think the show was filmed in...Brazil or something (a lot of mulattos in Brazil).

Doctor Who is hypersensitive to political correctness, and I guess that makes sense considering series producer Russell Davies is a homosexual. I'm sure it's lovely for black Britons to see "themselves" on TV (I myself am overjoyed at the fact that the Doctor is white), but it is a bit excessive to focus on 2% of the population the way they do. Indian and Pakistani outnumber blacks in the UK, yet there are significantly less of them on Doctor Who (although there are some, so kudos on that).

If that's the worst racial issue the BBC has to deal with on their shows, they're in good shape. I just couldn't help commenting on it. Looks like the BBC has a bit of the ol' jungle fever, eh?

I apologize for that last remark, although the black women on the BBC are certainly hot. One day I'll write about the BBC's amazing stable of sexy females and the surprisingly healthy body weight they all have, but that's not for today. I don't want to spend too much time analyzing society through television.


Jai said...

Last week's episode (The part 2) didn't record "For some reason" and I'm super pissed. Now I'll never know how the Doctor was saved from the impossible situation he placed what's-her-name in. Fuck, I don't remember that black chick's name. I remember Rose's name, though. I think that's racist of me, although to be fair Rose has had two seasons and New Black Chick has had eight or ten episodes.

As an interesting aside, I recently saw the first new Doctor Who episode for the first time just last week. I've watched pretty much all of the other episodes, except of course for the ones of which I remain unaware. Doctor seriously needs another companion this season... perhaps one that doesn't want to be more than "just friends", eh? The time-travelling mercenary-type captain was okay, but that was some time ago now.

I still like the first Rose season the most, although the latest Doctor seems just as good. The finale was sort of a tear-jerker. ...And then the premiere episode of the next season looked absolutely retarded, but you can't win them all.


Jai said...

I, uh, wrote it really poorly. But when I say "the first new Doctor Who episode for the first time just last week", I mean the first episode of these recent Doctor Who seasons, as opposed to the old ones where he wears scarves and shit. So, the one with mannequins and anti-plastic. Just, uh. Making that clearer.

ChrisV82 said...

The first two episodes of the 9th Doctor (new Doctor Who, Christopher Eccelston [crazy bum on "Heroes," Jude in "Jude"] were pretty awful.

I think the new series on a whole has been hit or miss, but I come back for the hits.

Jai said...

The most recent episode was one of the coolest ones ever, but then it went and ended on a really stupid note. In fact, it started off poorly as well, but then built up a lot of steam until the end. Hm, sort of a lot of episodes have shitty endings, in fact. But the ride is generally fun.

The writers really need to stop giving in to their "Oh, just ONE MORE Dalek, then!" fixation. The first Eccleston Dalek episode, where he comes across a decrepit and imprisoned Dalek that is that last Dalek, was really decent. And there have been something like TEN more Dalek episodes since then, each one featuring MORE of the "last" of the Daleks and each one getting successively worse as an excuse to throw Daleks around. It's like an unintentional joke.