Saturday, September 29, 2007

Get up, Stand Up

Had an opportunity to see some stand up this past Wednesday. The headliner was Jimmy Pardo, along with guest Dan Kaufman and host/opener Andy Nolan. We were in the Helium Comedy Club on Sansom Street in the right lung of Philadelphia. There were roughly 20-25 people in a club that could seat 250. I gotta give credit to all the comics, though, because all three brought their A game.

Andy Nolan was pretty decent, and finished on a high note, which is always good. It's so weird when comedians end their set on a dud joke. I can't find anything to share with you on Nolan; in fact, the funniest thing I found was this Andy Nolan - Europe's No.1 Tribute to Ronan Keating website.

Dan Kaufman came on next, and he had a nice set. By then I was already into my "Philly-tini," which was just a martini flavored with Godiva liqueur and orange flavored something or another. Quite good, actually, if not horrifically overpriced. Anyway, I don't think it was the tiny bit of alcohol that made me warm up to Kaufman. Although a little on the laid back and nerdy side, which isn't a great approach to a small crowd, he still had some quality jokes. Here's a video with a few of his jokes:

Now as good as both of those comics were in keeping the crowd alive, Jimmy Pardo was like a conquering king. He made us sound like a packed house (with the laughter, mind you). Pardo's show came on a recommendation (Nathan), and it was money well spent. Some comedians kill, but Pardo destroys. He annihilates. He's rapid fire, with a solid mix of pre-written jokes and ad lib material. I was in the front row (thank you, people not going to comedy clubs), and I just had a great time. No one commands an audience better than Jimmy Pardo, from what I've seen. I wish I had something of his set to share, but there's only a handful of videos online, including this:

You can also listen to his podcast.

After the show, I met Jimmy and Dan, and bought Jimmy's CD and picked up Dan's business card. I tend to buy comedians' CDs after the show, even if they were so-so, because apparently I like to piss away money. However, I would have purchased Jimmy's CD from a store, it was that good. Dan probably should have had a CD, I would have bought it (unless he was charging twenty bucks or something, I'm not Richie Rich here).

Here's Kaufman doing a puppet show (he didn't do this during his set, so relax):


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