Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stand-up Round-up

Over Labor Day weekend, I went with my gal pal Justin to see some of the region's top (and bottom) comics. The acts included Blake From Sales (the audio from that night is on his comprehensive website), Ed McGonigal (you may know him if you listen to Opie & Anthony and care about the Virus tour), Chris McDevitt (couldn't even be bothered not to have allergies), Randy Latini (could sometimes, apparently, be heard on The Scotty and Alex Show before the show got cancelled as of yesterday), Danny Ozark (I'm running out of parenthetical comments), possibly someone else I can't remember, and the great Bob Levy (if you've heard of him, he really is great).

Here's Danny Ozark tearing up an audience of ten or so people:

Chris McDevitt is a professional comic and thus has little soundbytes on YouTube, which I like to call Chris McNuggets*:

*Don't groan at me you asshole

The aforementioned Bob Levy, who really knows how to command a crowd. And call them gay mother fuckers.

When I was looking for a clip of Ed McGonigal, I came across this, which is probably better than his stand-up routine:

Justin thought Ed was the worst of the bunch, but I didn't think Ed was that bad. In fact, I think Ed is pretty good when he isn't bombing. Ta-da.

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