Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What's in a name? Letters

The Cincinnati Reds baseball club have a player on their roster named Elizardo Ramirez. It's a very interesting name. Ramirez is shared by only seven other players who are or have been on a 2007 roster (not including recent September call-ups).

Ha, you fool, I wasn't talking about his family name! I meant his first name, the very exciting ELIZARDO. Broken down, it means E-Lizardo, or "electronic goat." In all likelihood, it may be a Spanish bastardization of the Hebrew name for "My God Helps/Helped Me," but I like to think he is actually named after a reptile. In fact, if Elizardo Ramirez was a character in the Marvel Comics Universe, he would more than likely be a supervillain named The Rhinoceros Iguana (an animal indigenous to the island which contains the Dominican Republic...much like 455 of MLB's past and present players!).

This is all I wanted to talk about todasy, a guy named Elizardo.

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