Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Beisbol Playoffs 2007

This is one of my favorite times of the year, but unfortunately I don't have the time to really talk about it like I would rather do. First off, let me say that at the beginning of the year, I predicted the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels and Tigers would make it in the AL, and the Phillies, Mets, Cubs and Padres would make it in the NL. I was wrong about Detroit (they had a good run), and the Mets and Padres both came down to their last games. I was wrong about the Diamondbacks and Indians, but to be fair, the Diamondbacks are super overperforming (they've been outscored by 20 runs!). I know everyone kept picking Cleveland for the Central, but I wasn't in love with their pitching and I thought Detroit had the better team. Ah, well, five out of eight isn't bad!

This looks like a pretty good postseason. Except for the Sox and Yanks, the six other playoff teams were not in it last year, and outside of the Angels, I don't think any team has been in the playoffs since at least 03, but I could be wrong. That's pretty exciting if you're a bitch that's always crying about parity.

Now, for my predictions (note: postseason predictions are usually less accurate than regular season) -

Arizona vs Chicago: It's about time for the Diamondbacks to stop overachieving, but the Cubs don't exactly fill me with confidence. Arguably, the Dbacks have the better pitching. I'd give the Cubs the edge for offense. Without looking at runs scored, run differentials, WHIP, HR, and other stuff I like to check, I'll give the edge to Arizona in five.

Colorado vs Philadelphia: Colorado and Philly should be a really fun series. I think both teams match up pretty well, probably give Colorado the edge in pitching (especially bullpen), and Philly for offense. Gonna go with Philly in five, but it's not a confident pick. Should be enjoyable watching all the home runs in those two parks.

New York vs Cleveland: Without checking the stats, I can already tell you the Yankees probably ranked 1st or 2nd or 3rd in OBP, HR, and Runs Scored. Yanks get the edge on hitting. I think people like Wang and Pettitte can be slightly overrated, but they both had good seasons. Cleveland has decent pitching, too, so I'm just going to give them a push on that. I'll give the Yankees the edge, say 4 games, keeping in mind the Yankees swept both series with Cleveland.

Los Angeles vs Boston: Anaheim has a good bullpen, they always have a good bullpen, but ignoring the whiff on Gagne, Boston also has a pretty good bullpen (except against New York, like that one time when Okijima and Papelbon gave up 80 runs in 1 inning). Gotta give credit to Beckett for "most improved." I'd say the Angels and Sox are pretty evenly matched, but without looking at stats, I'd say Sox probably rank 1st or 2nd or 3rd in OBP and runs scored. Sox in 4, considering the Angels shit the bucket in Fenway.

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