Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pot and Kettle in epic struggle

John Horton, Plain Dealer Reporter, talks about LeBron James in a Yankees cap:
* * *
It seems we are all witnesses to the ultimate display of disloyalty. Where's the allegiance to your town, big guy? To your faithful fans?

Think back a few months to the NBA playoffs, when The Q brimmed with your followers. You didn't spot Browns receiver Braylon Edwards in the front row wearing a Pistons jersey, did you? Or Indians star Grady Sizemore decked out in Spurs duds?

This is no way to lord over Cleveland, King James. Did England's King Henry V sport a fleur-de-lis logo while his people battled France? We think not.
Nice fleur-de-lis reference (no, really, I liked it). A bit hysterical, but all in good fun, right? Wait...
Although John Horton is an Indians fan, be aware: He roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Browns.
What a fuckin' hypocrite. Rooting for the Indians and the Steelers? That's like rooting for the Phillies and the Cowboys, or the Red Sox and the Jets, it's crazy. There's no way Horton can give LeBron James crap about his allegiances when Horton's are all screwed up.

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nathansmart said...

That's like Apple rooting for Orange!