Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stub Series

I've noticed that MLB has been heavily promoting getting tickets on StubHub. The question I want to know is, why? Does MLB get a kickback? I don't even know how StubHub is legal; last I checked, scalping is against the law.

Tickets for the postseason are expensive enough as they are without further inflation. Fuck MLB and fuck StubHub.

As for the World Series, I definitely want to see Colorado win. The Rockies have certainly become the darlings of baseball this postseason, but even besides that, there's no way I want the Red Sox to win. Any Yankees fan that says otherwise is a pretty shitty fan.

Boston for the year had a .270 EqA, Colorado a .263 EqA. Should be a very close series. It's probably a safer bet to say Sox in seven, but I'm going to be rooting for Colorado and I think they can overcome the Red Sox, so I'm going to predict Rockies in 7.

Apologies to Denver if the Rockies lose.

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