Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Geno Bisconte, turnpike and internet phenom

I had a chance to see the following comedians back in October, or possibly September:
JOHN "Mr. Hollywood" KENSIL
I don't remember much about them, except E-Love was fairly amusing and Patrick O'Donnell is an impressionist, although I liked his Catholic jokes better than his impressions.

I do remember headliner Geno Bisconte quite well. Brooklyn's own Geno mixes in the crowd with his set, and delivers zingers at the expense of himself and the audience, but mostly the audience. His topics range from dating to children to dating children. Here's a clip from one of his gigs and other stuff he's done:

If you're interested in Geno based on my poor, nebulous review of his stand up and the clip I posted, you can watch him make football picks via Stat Beast.

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