Monday, November 12, 2007

Under Jolly Rancher

I know the once entertaining pirate mythology is slowly being driven into the ground by today's twenty-somethings and teenagers, but if we can look beyond their horrible taint, pirates are still pretty fun. There's a website with information about pirate flags, which I've enjoyed looking at, so much so that it inspired me to design my own pirate flag:

Oh, how I wish I could command a pirate ship and lead my bloodthirsty crew, looting ships and villages, taking gold, women and antique books, and drinking like a sailor...because we would be sailors. Pirate sailors. With swords.

And whores.


Jai said...

So, what's the significance of the hourglass being empty?

psychodevil said...

I think that's the mark of the 'Impatient Pirates'.

ChrisV82 said...

If you touch it, you can freeze time for 30 seconds.

PissingRed said...

signifies time running out
you fools