Monday, December 10, 2007

And now for something completely football

The New York football Giants squeaked out another win today, a little less tense than the Bears game last week, but still too close for comfort. The defense has been alright, shutting down Philadelphia and Chicago after a blowout to Minnesota. What is troubling, however, is how putrid the offense has been. The last time the Giants have scored more than 21 points was October 21 against San Francisco, not a particularly good team.

The Giants got 16 points in week 4, the last time they faced Philadelphia. I'm not sure if that should be encouraging (that was in the middle of a six game winning streak) or discouraging (the offense has only scored 21+ in five games this year).

New York will have to rely on their defense if they want to go anywhere in the postseason, which they are now all but assured after reaching 9-4 in the limp NFC. However, we know that Green Bay and Dallas can dismantle the Giants defense, so for now, it seems like expectations should be limited.

Maybe Eli Manning and the boys in blue can show us a little bit of energy and skill in the remaining weeks, a little something to give fans hope of a possible playoff run. We'll see.

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