Saturday, December 29, 2007

Doctor Ripoff

I'm sitting at home on a Saturday night watching the Giants host the Patriots and I desperately want a Doctor Who ringtone. It's been impossible to find via my provider's ringtone services, and if I actually had a good phone I'm sure I could email a midi to my phone. No such luck. I did happen to come across the BBC website which sells the Doctor Who theme, but at quite the price:
Ringtones ordered by text cost £3. Messages you receive are charged at £1.50 each and you will receive two messages. Calls to the premium-rate phone line cost £1.50 per minute and should last approximately two minutes and a maximum of three minutes.
So, all together, that will cost you at least £9 ($18 US!*) for one fucking ringtone. You can go shove the TARDIS up your ass, BBC.

*Holy shit! What the fuck have the Republicans done to our dollar?

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