Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Maybe I could study abroad

I was at the website for the New Jersey State Bar Foundation, "the charitable and educational Foundation of the New Jersey State Bar Association," which "provides a wide variety of free law-related education services to the public." Among their services provided includes a series of videos about the law. Here is the table of contents:
Law On The Line

* Affirmative Action
* Arbitration and Mediation
* Auto Insurance
* Breast Implants
* Children with Special Needs
* Civil Court
* Elder Care
* Family Law
* Megan's Law Update
* Prosecutor's Office
* Real Estate Law
* Residential Landlord/Tenant Law
* Victims of Crime Compensation Board
* Workers Compensation
I didn't know attorneys could specialize in breast implants. That was practically my minor as an undergrad.

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