Friday, June 8, 2007

Robot Bear

From the article, Robot bear will carry soldiers to safety, there's a comment by Fredrik of Vaxjo, Sweden, which goes like this: "Spend your money on something more important like health insurance to the poor." Växjö is a small hillbilly town in Southern Sweden that has a bunch of umlaut marks in its name. However, I will not be intimidated by its duel-umlaut attack. Fredrik is wrong. It would be easier to spend the money to ship the poor off to fight the wars instead. With that, there wouldn't be any need to rescue any injured soldiers, because no one likes poor people...if you can even call them "people" they could just be left there to die.

However, if we insist on using robot technology, we should focus it on the killing of immigrants, illegal or legal. Jews, too. Also liberals. And short people. The handicapped. Communists. People with lazy eyes. Etc.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pitching television shows

She's a cold and sexy FBI agent from Georgia. He's a gruff and crude garbage man from Brooklyn. Can these two people from different walks of life work together to uncover hidden terrorist cells in New York? Tune in for...Lady and the Trash.

What happens when you put together young professionals working in the fast paced world of numbers and money? Hot sex, steamy drama, and triplicate income tax forms, all on...C.P.A. - Certified Public Accountants.

It's a world of action and athletics as the young girls of the University of Kentucky softball team strive to make the division 1 SEC championship. The girls must work together on the field while dealing with their personal lives off the field. Stolen boyfriends, underage drinking, human growth hormones, and possible lesbian undertones if you watch...Girls With Balls.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What I would do if I had a band

...and I wanted to combat piracy.

Record an album, then make it available for free on our website. Originally, this would have created issues about bandwith, but now with sites like Megaupload and Rapidshare, it can be done for free, or at a minimal fee. People download, listen, become interested, and hopefully buy merchandise and concert tickets. As little as most artists make per album per sale, I think it would be worth it to put the money up to record an album and then give it away.

If the band (and/or fans) are still interested in selling CDs, let people who purchase the CD use it as a pass to meet the band or get autographs or some other kind of promotional thing. Package a poster, patch, pin, sticker, etc. with the CD. I know a lot of bands have been trying to tack on videos for a long time, but videos can just as easily be downloaded as music these days.

Bands like Ab:Norm have the right idea, but I think they can improve on what they're doing. Smaller bands and bands in niche genres are going to need to tour and market themselves, and find new ways to make money. It also allows bands to avoid sucking up to record industry executives.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

American Gladiators

ESPN Classics is running episodes of American Gladiators. Lots of old shows I used to enjoy don't seem to hold up on current viewings, but this is not true with A.G. This show is a television classic. What we have are muscle-bound men and women battling with athletic contestants in a test of skill and strength as displayed in various competitions. There were so many great games that the final contest, The Eliminator, was almost a walk in the park. There were awesome events like The Joust, Human Cannonball, Hang Tough...


and The Maze

Great show. I'd buy it on DVD. There was also a Nintendo game which I am surprised I never even played, and I have a feeling I need to correct that.