Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What's in a name? Letters

The Cincinnati Reds baseball club have a player on their roster named Elizardo Ramirez. It's a very interesting name. Ramirez is shared by only seven other players who are or have been on a 2007 roster (not including recent September call-ups).

Ha, you fool, I wasn't talking about his family name! I meant his first name, the very exciting ELIZARDO. Broken down, it means E-Lizardo, or "electronic goat." In all likelihood, it may be a Spanish bastardization of the Hebrew name for "My God Helps/Helped Me," but I like to think he is actually named after a reptile. In fact, if Elizardo Ramirez was a character in the Marvel Comics Universe, he would more than likely be a supervillain named The Rhinoceros Iguana (an animal indigenous to the island which contains the Dominican Republic...much like 455 of MLB's past and present players!).

This is all I wanted to talk about todasy, a guy named Elizardo.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Alizée Jacotey is a hot little piece of French pop star ass that left the stage to get married and have a kid at the age of 19. What a waste. Anyway, now she's 23 and planning to release a new album in October. Regardless, to deprive us all of her "talents" during what is arguably the best (looking) years of her life is criminal.

J'en ai Marre




Hey! Amigo!

La Isla Bonita (Madonna Cover)

J'ai besoin de quelques tissus.