Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Hall of Who Gives a Shit Anymore

Cooperstown, NY, is home to the Leatherstocking Golf Course, presumably a blue blood dominatrix emporium and country club, and the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. I went there (Hall of Fame) when I was a young man, and by young man I mean small child. Not too much sticks out in my memory. For example, I don't remember if they had a woman's exhibit a la the one shown in A League of Their Own, but MLB doesn't allow women in baseball, so it wasn't important anyway. I do remember I got a t-shirt with Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig on it, as well as some postcards of the plaques of various players. Besides those items, I also took with me a sense that this was a place for elite players, where the best and most impressive of ballplayers were honored.

I do understand why Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pantsless Pete Rose are not in the Hall, even though they were outstanding performers on the field (especially Jackson - career 170 OPS+). There are moral arguments against them, blah blah blah, fine. They messed with the reputation of baseball, and paid the price.

What bothers me is the very stupid logic used by Hall of Fame voters. The Baseball Writers that have votes are so monumentally dense and analytically deficient that I can no longer consider the Hall of Fame as anything but a joke. No, friends, it's not steroid users that have ruined the Hall of Fame for me, but idiots who vote for Jack Morris over Bert Blyleven.

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