Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I will force you to have an abortion

In tonight's episode of Boston Legal, Murphy Brown says this to Roger Barnes from Wall Street: "As a matter of law, today's law, once the sperm, blood or tissue leaves the body, a person no longer has any proprietary right" to it.

Au con-muthafuckin-traire, mon frere.

Exhibit "A":
The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a man did not have the right to use embryos created through in vitro fertilization without his ex-wife's consent.

The court ruled unanimously that the woman, identified only as J.B., had a right not to procreate, which outweighs the right to procreate by the man, identified as M.B.
Exhibit "B":
The highest court in Massachusetts, ruling in a case that pitted a woman who wanted to implant frozen embryos in her womb against her ex-husband, who wanted no more children with her, has come down firmly on the ex-husband's side, saying that no one should be forced to become a parent.
If you're a student of the law or just someone with a little imagination, you can quite clearly see that if I knock up a chick, and I don't want her to have the baby, then I can force her to have an abortion.


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