Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sorry, Jose Rijo

Jose Rijo (career: 121 ERA+, 1.26 WHIP, 8.0 K/9), who spent the majority of his career with the Reds, is no longer eligible for the Hall of Fame, having received zero votes. I'm not saying he IS Hall of Fame worthy, but no votes? Even Todd Stottlemeyer got a vote.

Rijo's rookie year was with the Yankees, which could be further proof that the Bombers made some dumb personnel decisions in the 80s, except for the fact that he was part of the trade for Rickey Henderson. It maybe would have been worth it to keep a good pitcher instead of getting a good hitter, but you can't complain about the years Rickey gave the Yanks.

Update: Jack Morris had a career 105 ERA+, 1.30 WHIP and 6.5 K/9 and still managed to get 233 votes.

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